Thalassemia ECHO Clinic February 12, 2020, 2 pm EST.

The next Thalassemia TeleECHO clinic will be hosted on Wednesday, February 12th at 2pm EST. There will be a case presentation, group discussion and a short relevant didactic session. We hope to see you there!

Know of other healthcare providers who care for patients with thalassemia?
Please encourage them to join this interactive and educational session.

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Launch of the Mid-Atlantic Region Thalassemia Network (Thal-MAR)

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative called the Mid-Atlantic Region Thalassemia Network (Thal-MAR).

Thal-MAR is a multidisciplinary consortium of health care professionals focused on enhancing knowledge and improving clinical care for individuals with thalassemia.

The overall goal of the Thal-MAR is to improve the health and well-being for individuals with clinically significant thalassemia by increasing access to high quality, standardized thalassemia care within the mid-Atlantic region (MAR).

Thal-MAR is a joint initiative of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and supported through a grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA).

If you are interested in joining Thal-MAR, please email